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For Fair Cooperation on Finances!

In the ‘Financial Assistant’ tool, you have a simple and convenient tool that gives you an overview of the child’s financial needs and the distribution of responsibility for you parents. In short, what things cost and who has bought and paid for what.

Here we tell you more about how the tool works and how it can contribute to even better cooperation! 🤝

You can find the Financial Assistant, as we call it, in the main menu of the app under ‘Finances’. The Financial Assistant helps you to:

  • Plan new purchases and send purchase proposals. With a picture, price, and description if you want to share it.
  • Enter recurring expenses such as club fees, child insurance, and mobile subscriptions, among other things.
  • Get automatic calculation of distribution (default 50/50 but adjustable according to your situation and agreement on finances).
  • Easily and conveniently Swish (a mobile payment service) to each other.
  • Register transfers between each other, and much more!

It’s easy to Swish to each other, and transfers and other information are in one place, in the app, where you also communicate directly with the other parent via the financial assistant or the other tools.

So you avoid WhatsApp/Messenger/regular email/text messages and/or various banking apps, and everything related to finances is logged and stored. Smart, right? 🤓

Elisabeth Scholander