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Get a Grip on Your Kids’ Activities!

Kids’ activities are important and fun—for the kids, that is. But for parents, keeping track of times, gear, and changes can sometimes feel like extra work. We’ve designed the app so that you and your co-parent only need to enter the activity once and then automatically share all changes and adjustments with each other. So, we cut the logistics in half compared to traditional calendars. Smart and smooth!

Read below on how you can streamline information sharing and avoid misunderstandings about your kids’ activities.

The App is about the kids…

The Varannan Vecka-app is about the kids and starts from their schedules and needs. The basic idea is to share information about the kids as simply and smoothly as possible. When you and the co-parent share important information with each other and others, the activities and changes are visible to everyone immediately when you or someone else enters them.

So, nobody needs to enter information in their own calendar and then send texts or reminders in other ways. The app also shows whether the co-parent has seen the information or not.

How to Enter Activities

Go to the Calendar in the Overview and click on the orange “+” on the right.

Enter the activity, for example, ‘soccer practice.’

Click on the child’s avatar and indicate who is participating and decide who should be able to see the activity and get a reminder.

Specify the day and time. If it’s a recurring activity, you can specify it for the whole term.

To make the activity extra clear, it’s good to specify, for example, where the practice is and any other useful information.

Click ‘Add’ to add it to the Calendar. Done!

Benefits for You and the Co-Parent

When activities are added and made visible, they are immediately visible to you, the co-parent, the kids, and others who need to know about the activity. Therefore, an activity only needs to be entered once for the information to be spread to everyone who needs it. Efficient!

If someone then adjusts the activity, it updates immediately in the app so that everyone sees the same thing. This saves time, and nobody needs to text or email. Since everyone sees the same information, in the same way, the risk of misunderstandings and conflicts is also reduced.

  • After-school activities
  • Parent-teacher meetings, dentist appointments, and more
  • Lunch and other items to pack (check the weekly newsletter from school/preschool)
  • When is it gym day?
  • Homework days

Accept Notifications and Sync!

If you accept notifications under Settings, you’ll receive reminders about activities. It’s usually welcome in the morning when there’s a lot to keep track of and it’s important to remember to pack snacks for today’s school outing.

If you also sync to your own calendar, it’s hard to miss what the kids (that is, you as a parent too) have on the agenda! And there you have it, a grip on things!

Tip! You can also enter activities that only concern yourself and ignore visibility. The only one who sees the activity is you. Safe and secure!

He’s my ex, so I don’t have the energy to call and remind and talk all the time. At the same time, he’s Vera’s dad, and it’s reassuring to know that we have the same information and that Vera is well taken care of by both of us. Without hassle. Thanks to the app.

Lisa, 35 years old
Elisabeth Scholander