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Optimize the App for You!

We want you to get the best possible benefit from the app. Therefore, we’ve gathered tips and advantages that you may not have seen yet and that can enhance your usage in the app.

Are you using the app in other smart ways that aren’t mentioned below? Let us know at

Sync the app with your own calendar

In Settings, you can export the app’s calendar to your own calendar. You can also import your own calendar into the app. (Only you see your own calendar in the app). These are two simple ways to customize the app so that you get the content where you want it.

Use ‘Pictures’ for a shared digital flow around the kids

The app’s design with entrances for parents and other important adults in the tool ‘Pictures’ allows you, besides sharing pictures from the kids’ lives with each other in everyday life, to also gather these pictures as a digital album for the kids for the future. You retain all rights to the pictures (similar to Instagram, for example) and collect all the nice pictures in one place, and you do it together—or from each side—the point is that the collective care benefits the kids.

Book a 20-minute free consultation with our experts

All our users can ask questions for free to our experts in the chat. It can be about the app’s features, the best planning for the summer, tips and tricks to move forward with an issue challenging cooperation. It can also be something completely different related to parenting in the every other week life. You can also book a 20-minute phone meeting with us for free. Thereafter, $150/hr excluding taxes for the duration of the call.

Read up on children and every other week life in ‘Articles’

We have gathered important information about children and their families’ lives under one roof. Under Tips & Advice in the app, you can read about research on shared custody, how to take co-parenting to the next level, or why parallel tracks can be good for a while to calm the situation if there are a lot of adult conflicts right now. Our focus is also to highlight the benefits of every other week life! Such as children who live in shared custody are more satisfied with their relationships with their fathers than other children. This is because shared custody automatically leads to a more balanced parenting where fathers take more overall responsibility for the children. Something that benefits the children (and their parents)!

Elisabeth Scholander