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This is how the VV-chat simplifies communication

You can use the chat for more than just “talking” to your co-parent. Here, all adults and children can share important information, contact details and pictures of drawings and photos of the children. You can invite bonus parents, grandparents, or other important adults for the child.

Remember to just talk about the children and to keep a good tone in the chat!

Who can see what in the chat?

When you start a new thread, you choose who can participate and thus be able to see and write in the thread. Not everyone invited to the app can see all the threads.

You decide the visibility when you start the thread and who gets an invitation to join. If you want to discuss something with just your co-parent, make the thread visible only to them. If you also want the children and / or others to see and be able to participate in the thread, make it visible to them as well.

How do I invite someone to the chat?

In order to invite someone to participate in a thread, that person first needs to be invited to the app under “Settings”. There you can invite co-parent, child or important adults for the child (e.g. bonus parent, grandfather or any other important adult around the children).

You choose Add child or Add important adult depending on who you want to add.

AI filters minimize toxic language

To minimize toxic language, the chat has a large AI filter that detects if what is written can be toxic. If a parent starts writing a chat message with profanity, abusive words, or negative reviews, the AI filter warns by turning the text box yellow, orange or red depending on the degree of toxicity. The message can still be sent, but the sender has received a clear warning that the message to the co-parent is most likely conflicting.

Not just a chat…

Create a thread that you call Child Facts. Here you can gather important information about the child:

  • contact information for school, child health centre, babysitters,
  • current sizes of clothes and shoes,
  • allergies
  • vaccinations
  • passport number and who has the passport, and other important things.

Now no one needs to call and double-check shoe sizes or the brand of the asthma medication in the queue at Pharmacy. Everything you need to know is in the app!

The chat can also be used as a memory bank. Information is collected in different threads depending on what you need to watch and share with each other. Suggested threads: “Pictures”, “Drawings” or what you simply call “Memories”.

Elisabeth Scholander