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How does insurance work for children with two homes?

Do you have questions about home insurance for your child? Magnus Hjelmér, economist at ICA Banken, tells us what applies to home insurance and accident insurance when you live with the children every other week and maybe have formed a bonus family.

Summary of “How does insure work for children with two homes” at the bottom.

Here’s how home insurance works

Children are covered by a home insurance policy at the parent’s home where the child is registered. This also applies on the days when the child is staying with the other parent. If, for some reason, a home insurance policy is not available at the co-parent’s home there is a special rule. The rule states that your home insurance policy applies to your children under the age of 18 when they are living with you. The same goes for travel protection in the home insurance policy. This special rule is the same for all Swedish insurance companies.

Important to register if you live in a bonus family

If the person who signs the insurance is registered at a different address than the rest of the family, for example in a temporary stay, the insurance does not apply to all of you. You must all be registered and live at the same address.

When the child turns 18

After the 18th birthday, the child is still included in the parent’s home insurance but only at the registered address. Therefore, it is important for an adult child to update his/her registered address if he/she moves back home to the other parent for a period of time. When the child moves to his/her own place of residence, the parent’s insurance no longer applies.

How accident insurance works

All children who go to school have accident protection during school time and when they travel to and from school. However, private accident insurance has different rules. Therefore, you need to check what applies to your accident insurance. In the ICA accident insurance, for example, you can insure children and bonus children who are registered in another address as long as they live at home. You can do this until the children are 25 years old. Important: If the child does not live with either of the parents for a period of time, for example to study or work, the child needs to take out their own accident insurance.

Remember to pay the insurance premium

Oftentimes one parent is registered on the child’s insurance, while the other is responsible for paying bills and invoices. After a separation, it is important that one of the custodians takes responsibility and continues to pay the insurance premium.

Do you have questions or need help?

If you have any questions for Magnus Hjelmér, economist at ICA Banken, about the economy with children after separation, you can email us at: Please write “economist” in the subject line. Your question can then be anonymized and published together with Magnus’ answer here in the app.

If you have other questions or need support as a varannanvecka-parent or family member please email us at and we will help you. You can also contact familjerätten in your municipality.

Magnus Hjelmér