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Advantages of Every Other Week Living for Children

Some adults believe that living alternately is detrimental, but many children who live with both parents under two roofs would disagree. Here, we’ve compiled the benefits of having two parents living in different places.

Do you have more items that should be added to the list? Feel free to email us at, and we’ll incorporate your suggestions! ❤️

1. Getting more time with both parents

When parents no longer live together, it’s common for one parent to “step up” and take on more responsibilities that the other parent may have always handled while they lived together. That’s why children who live alternately often have better contact with their fathers than children whose parents live together. Simply put, dads spend more time with their children and take care of them more often than before. (And yes, of course, it can be moms who need to step up too!)

2. Having more adults around

It can be challenging for parents to do everything on their own at home. Therefore, it’s common for parents to seek help from grandparents, their best friend, or a neighbor. For children, this often means having more adults around—adults who have more energy and are interested in how they’re doing.

3. Personal agreements with one’s parent

When living alternately with a parent, it’s often easier to find cozy moments with that parent than before. Maybe it’s always fish tacos on Fridays when you get to decide entirely on your own without two adults having to agree all the time? Maybe things get a bit more playful and lenient at home?

4. Double birthday & extra Christmas presents

This can vary for children in different families. Some children continue to celebrate their birthday with both parents simultaneously, while others have two “celebrations,” one with mom and one with dad. Some parents agree on different arrangements, but it’s common for children who live alternately to be celebrated a bit more since both parents want to celebrate their sweetheart. We think it’s a great bonus! The same usually applies to Christmas celebrations and gifts. Celebrating “Little Christmas” with the parent you’re not with on Christmas Eve is the best thing ever!

5. Peace and quiet at home

This doesn’t apply to all children, but it’s true for many. If it’s been tumultuous at home between the parents, the arguments often stop when the parents no longer live together. It’s good for arguments to cease because children don’t thrive when there’s a lot of conflict. It’s also easier for parents to be kind and secure parents when everything is calm. Both children and parents usually benefit from this.

We hope that as a child, you find the tips above helpful! Feel free to email us if you have more ideas on what makes the every other week life extra good, or if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach our team at ❤️

Elisabeth Scholander