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What rights do you have at home as a child?

It’s easy to think that only adults have rights to different things. But you, as a child, also have rights, especially when it comes to you and your family. Here’s a list of children’s most important rights at home.

Children have the right to both their parents

Children have the right to be with their parents without arguments and fights. Some children live with both of their parents, while others live with one parent and see their other parent when possible. (It matters if you live close to each other, for example.) It’s the parents’ job to try to give the child time with both parents if they are good parents who are okay and can take care of you as a child. If you live far away, FaceTime calls can be a good idea.

Children have their right to know what’s happening

Parents need to explain why things are the way they are so that the child can understand their own life. This doesn’t mean that as a child, you need to listen to details about what has happened between adults. But adults should try to explain in a way that suits the child and makes it easier to understand life.

Children have the right to express their opinions

If children have an opinion about what’s happening to them, they have the right to say it, and adults need to listen to what the child is saying. This doesn’t mean that things will always go the way the child wants, but the child always has the right to be heard. It often takes courage to say what you want or think, especially if you’re afraid of disappointing one or both parents. But it’s the parents’ job to be able to handle disappointments. It’s more important for children to feel comfortable expressing their opinions than for parents not to be disappointed. The needs of children come first!

Children have the right to avoid negative talk.

When adults are angry with each other they sometimes speak badly about each other in front of their child. This can be tough for children. Adults need to find a different way to communicate. If this happens, you can say, “I don’t want to hear this. Stop saying mean things about Mom/Dad/other important adult.”

Children have the right to a peaceful and secure life.

Children have the right to feel well and safe. It’s not allowed for adults to hit children or otherwise harm them. It’s also not allowed to say mean things to your children. If this happens, it’s important for the child to get help from adults they trust, like their other parent or other family members, a teacher at school, or a soccer coach. If the adult doesn’t seem to listen or understand, it’s important to have the courage to talk to another adult. Children have an absolute right to not be hit or treated poorly by anyone as they grow up. ❤️

We hope that you, as a child, find the above article helpful! Do you have more ideas about what children have the right to? Feel free to email us at

Elisabeth Scholander