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Parents   »   Do you receive warnings from the app’s AI filter for toxic language?

Do you receive warnings from the app’s AI filter for toxic language?

Have you ever sent messages and then regretted your words? It is common to get annoyed and perhaps send things in the heat of the moment. However, if this happens frequently it can harm the cooperation regarding the children. Here you’ll learn more about how the app’s AI filter can contribute to secure communication in the chat, both in the short and long term.

Summary of ‘Do you receive warnings from the app’s AI filter for toxic language?’ below.

How do I know if I’ve received warnings?

If the text box has turned yellow, orange, or red while you were writing chat messages to your co-parent or someone else in the app, you have likely written something that the app’s AI filter has perceived as toxic. (If the yellow marking grades the choice of words as toxic and then increases the level of toxicity towards orange and red.) If this happens repeatedly, it’s a good idea to reflect on your choice of words and how they might be perceived by others, as toxic messages generally significantly deteriorate cooperation.

Check previous messages!

Going back and reviewing your messages is often helpful to see if there’s a pattern in your own way of expressing yourself. It’s also a good indication to check how the recipient has reacted to your messages. If the communication becomes more argumentative or much quieter after certain types of messages, it’s likely that the communication has worsened because of what you wrote.

Utilize the AI filter moving forward for alternative word choices

A good way to move forward is to give yourself some extra time when sending messages and to use the AI filter. If you receive warnings, go through the message again and choose alternative words until the warning disappears. After some time, it’s beneficial to go back and review the entire communication to see if the contact has improved for the better!

If conflicts or cooperation challenges persist

If the communication continues to be strained despite your attempts to make changes, it’s advisable to contact our team for brief guidance on your communication. Our users are entitled to 20 minutes of free advice from one of our experts.

You can also reach out to the family court in your municipality and request cooperation discussions to facilitate smoother communication.

Summary – Do you receive warnings from the app’s AI filter for toxic language?

  • If the text box turns yellow, orange, or red when you write messages, there’s a high probability that you’ve written something perceived as toxic.
  • It’s important to avoid toxic language as it has a significantly negative impact on the recipient (and quickly results in impaired cooperation).
  • Review your previous messages and the effect your choice of words has had on the recipient. Are you finding solutions in your cooperation, or are you getting stuck? Does the recipient become unusually quiet, for instance?
  • Give yourself extra time when sending messages and use the AI filter to “double-check” your choice of words. If the AI filter doesn’t mark anything, and you have thought through the message, the likelihood is higher that the message will be perceived in a more positive light.
  • If you feel that your cooperation isn’t working despite making lasting changes in your way of communicating, seek help from us in the Every Other Week team or book an appointment with the family court in your municipality!

Elisabeth Scholander