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Parents   »   Email template to the preschool/school

Email template to the preschool/school

How or what you choose to communicate varies. The important thing is what you want to convey – preferably together.

You can write something like this in an email to the preschool/school:


We want to let you know that we, Anna and Mika, have decided to separate. We have not figured everthing out yet, but we think Minna will live with both of us. We will be looking for accommodation in the same area where we live now as we would like Minna to stay with you at school/school and be able to play with her friends in the future as well.

We would like you to continue to inform us both with weekly letters and other information. We will both keep an eye on Schoolsoft. We take the opportunity to update our contact information here:

Anna: 0707 50 76 xx

Mika: 0761 37 24 xx

We inform our friends and acquaintances now too. Our separation is not a secret but also not something we want to talk about in more detail right now. If you notice that Minna needs extra support or care right now and for some time to come, please let us both know. Thank you.


Anna and Mika

Elisabeth Scholander