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Parents   »   How to manage summer planning in the Varannan Vecka-family

How to manage summer planning in the Varannan Vecka-family

Summer planning in varannna vecka-families can be a complex matter, so it’s important to start early. Additionally, it’s good to be aware of one’s own needs during the summer when compromising and helping each other so that everyone gets what they need. Then both children and parents can relax and enjoy the vacation.

Always put the children first

Before we delve into practical tips, we must focus on those who are most important in the planning – the children.

It’s golden for children to hear that the parents have talked and together come up with a summer plan that they believe will be good for everyone. It relieves responsibility from the children while signaling that the parents themselves are doing well even when the children are with their other parent.

Start early

It’s important to start looking at summer planning early. That way, everyone has a chance to talk, plan for their own part, and come back in a good way. It creates predictability and security when everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the planning, inform about leisure or preschool times, and involve the rest of the family in a good way.

Be flexible and willing to compromise

Flexibility and the willingness to compromise are the holy grail of planning.

If your co-parent needs an extra day because family is visiting, try to accommodate and swap days with each other so that your child can spend time with their family. Additionally, there will likely be occasions when you yourself might need to swap days. After all, summer vacation is long.

Consider what type of holiday you want

In addition to everyone else’s needs (which can be easy to prioritize over your own), it’s important to consider what is important to you this summer. What kind of summer would you like to have? A mix of city and countryside, alone with the children or with extended family? A trip somewhere with friends? Is there anything specific you need this summer, like relaxation perhaps? Make sure there’s space for it. Balance is key.

Choose between old and new traditions

Be prepared that you and the children may keep some summer traditions but not all of them if you are newly separated or the children are growing older with different interests. Think about what is important from the old traditions and what you’d like to do this summer that might become a recurring feature in the coming years. Talk to the children – they often have unexpected and fun ideas.

Address different opinions or conflicts early on

If there are conflicts regarding particular dates, times or activities, address them early on.

Tips for resolving conflicts could include creating a rotation schedule where one of you has Midsummer this year and the other takes it next year. Or dividing up this year’s breaks and holidays and seeing if you can agree that the one who always has Midsummer week, for example, doesn’t have the autumn break. Or another division that might feel like an acceptable solution.

Use a collaborative app specialized for varannan vecka-families

The easiest way to plan effectively and stay organized is to use a collaboration app like the Varannan Vecka-app. Using the app demonstrates that you prioritize the children. Additionally, all the benefits of viewing child information and schedules in the same way come into play. It provides you with better conditions for truly excellent planning when the focus is on the children and nothing else.

Summary – How to manage summer planning

  • Put the children first – calm planning without tug-of-war is invaluable
  • Start early – no good planning happens under stress.
  • Be willing to compromise
  • Consider what type of vacation is important to you
  • Strike a balance between new and old traditions
  • Address different opinions early on.
  • Use the Varannan Vecka-app to keep full focus on the children’s needs.
Elisabeth Scholander