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Parents   »   The Tasks tool – makes it easy to share parental responsibility

The Tasks tool – makes it easy to share parental responsibility

Parenting is often about seeing what needs to be done and making sure it gets done! But it is easy for one of the parents to take great practical responsibility while the other may be a little on the sidelines.

In the Tool Tasks – make it easy to share parental responsibility, you will find out more about how you can easily share information about the child.

Why a tool like Tasks?

Cooperation is often based on the fact that those who are going to cooperate perceive the cooperation as well-thought-out and fair. No one likes to feel exploited and exhausted. This also applies to parents. We cooperate better when we feel respected and appreciated and have a reasonable division of labor. It is important that what we do is visible and matters. When we have control, can plan and do things in peace and quiet call the children we also feel like better parents. Of course.

How Tasks work

Add a task

Go to Overview in the main menu and swipe left > Tasks

In Tasks, tap the plus-sign and type in the new task. Assign the task (click on the avatar). Select who should be able to see the task (click on the avatar(s).

Add a deadline + description if necessary.

Tap Add when you’re done. The task is now visible in the list. Check for your avatar to see what tasks to do.

The app sends a notification when a task has been completed

When you’re done with the task, check it off by clicking in the circle on the right side of the task. Info now goes directly to the co-parent/important adult that the task has been completed. No one needs to ask, remind or nag. So good! Whether you parents talk all the time or you have other types of contact, you can take full responsibility for information sharing and information about your child. You also see if someone needs to step forward and do more or let go of control so the collaboration works optimally.

Elisabeth Scholander