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This is how the App works!

Welcome to Varannan Vecka! This is a summary about how our services work so you can get your best value right away!

You can always reach us att

Register an account

Are you the first parent to use the app? Download the app from App Store or Google Play and create your account. Then you invite the co-parent.

Have you received an invitation to the App?  Click the link in the email or text message you received from Varannan Vecka and create your account. Then go to the Exchange Planner.

If you do not follow the link you can download the app first and then then click on “I have received an invitation” and enter the code you received in the email / text message. Then you create your account.

Agree on the child’s housing and keep track of their belongings and activities

  1. Make a suggestion for a schedule in the Exchange Planner. You can have a schedule for each child or one schedule for all children if they are with you on the same days and times. If you need inspiration we have templates of the most common types of schedules. We also have articles written by our experts about the best interest of children during and after a separation or divorce. All School Holidays and weekends are automatically added for you.
  2. Share the schedule with the co-parent (or other adults you want to cooperate with). You can send schedule suggestions to each other until you have a schedule that both parents like. Then both parents activate the schedule in the Exchange planner. If you want to change the schedule later you go to the Exchange Planner. You can then do your daily checks in the Overview.
  3. Manage your child’s Activities, Packing List, and Tasks in the Overview. Here you add the child’s activities, things to bring between the homes in the Packing List and Tasks for the parents to manage for the child.

Please note that changes and additions to the exchange schedule (in the Exchange Planner) or in the Packing List / Activities and Tasks (in the Overview) does not affect the schedule set in the Exchange Planner. Example: if you change the schedule from 7.7 days to 2,2,3-days, the info in the Packing List / Activities and Tasks remains – and vice versa.

Share information with the child’s important adults

  • Add your child’s important adults to the App and make new activities, like extracurricular activities, visible to them. Then grandmother / grandfather / aunt / cousin always know the child’s plans and you do not have to remind anyone. Everything you or the others in the app choose to show to each other becomes visible in the shared calendar.
  • Set up a new Tasks and choose who (adults or children) will be responsible for the task.  With this feature, you allocate responsibility for different tasks so that it is clear who is responsible for what.
  • Create a packing list that is recurring and you will always keep track of the child’s clothes and things when they are moved between homes. That’s how you minimize the nagging at each other. For both adults and children.
  • Create a chat thread that you call “Children’s Info”, where you collect all important info about sizes, allergies, friends, favorite colors, wants and needs (the teddy bear is a must at bedtime!) and contact information for school / preschool,  the babysitter, best friend’s parents, etc.

Improve relationships to support you child

  • Use the chat to talk about the kids with whomever you want or everyone in the VV-family. You can create threads with different topics and choose who can participate in each thread.
  • Create a chat thread for the child’s pictures/videos etc. For example, birthdays parties, first lost tooth and school events. This can be extra important for children who have family members far away!

    This way you do not have to look through emails, WhatsApp, Messenger or text messages. It can also help you as a parent to make sure you know what is going on in your child’s life when they are in their other home. Sharing information like this can also strengthen your bond as co-parents after the separation. The children are also reassured by the fact that you as parents know what they have been up when they are not with you.
  • Invite our Experts or another neutral person in the chat if there is a problem in your communication. It is perfect if your communication is failing and you need quick help from someone who can help you move forward and keep the child’s best interest in focus.
  • Use the chat for information sharing about and with your child. All other communication should be done in other channels. This is especially important if you have difficulty communicating and often end up in conflict.

We are here to help whenever you want

Ask us a quick question in the App or book a meeting with one of our Experts. They help in all matters related to the best interests of children, parenting, mediation and separation. There are no stupid questions – we are here for you and the kids. Whenever and however it is convenient for you!

Elisabeth Scholander