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Parents   »   “What support can I get from the Family Law Services?”

“What support can I get from the Family Law Services?”

Parents in need of assistance in reaching agreements regarding their children can turn to the Family Law Services within the municipality. Here you will learn more about the Family Law Services and what assistance you can receive.

What is the Family Law Services?

The Family Law Services is a unit within the municipality where parents who are going separate ways can receive help and support on matters concerning custody, residence and visitation. This is primarily done through cooperation meetings. The Family Law Services also handles adoption and paternity and parenting matters. The unit also provides support for visitation when children need assistance in their contact with a parent.

The organization of the Family Law Services may vary from municipality to municipality.

What kind of support do they offer?

Collaboration talks – samarbetssamtal

The Family Law Services primarily offers cooperation meetings to parents with the aim of creating strong parenting teams and achieving sustainable solutions regarding the children. Parents themselves book the meetings, and both parents need to be willing to participate. The Family Law Services cannot compel parents to participate in cooperation meetings.

Assistance with agreements

If parents reach agreements regarding custody, residence, and visitation, the Family Law Services can assist in formulating an agreement. If the social services approve the agreement, it is legally binding in the same way as a court judgment. Before an agreement can be approved, an investigation is conducted to determine whether the agreement is in accordance with the child’s best interests.

Mandatory information meetings before court proceedings

If parents cannot reach an agreement with the Family Law Services and a decision is needed, one of the parents must initiate a dispute in court. Before this is possible, there is a requirement for the parents to participate in mandatory information meetings with the Family Law Services. If there are specific reasons, the requirement for information meetings can be waived, for instance if a decision is urgently needed to protect the child from abuse.

Elisabeth Scholander