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Email template to family and friends

The important thing is not for the letter to be perfect, but preferably that you agree on what you as parents want to convey.

It’s tough to separate and neither of us is feeling great right now. But we have a plan for Minna and ourselves that we will try to stick to and cooperate around for her good. You mean a lot to Minna and we hope for your support in the future, even though we may not all hang out in the same way as we did until now.

Even though we are sad and maybe a little angry at each other right now let’s be clear that we don’t want any “bad mouthing” about any of us, especially not in front of Minna. Negative talk that is spread always harms children in one way or another and it gives us parents a worse chance of taking care of Minna together in the future.

If you notice that Minna needs extra care right now, please get in touch. We will inform each other and take care of Minna together.

Thanks from us!

Mika and Anna

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