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First aid

Someone wants to separate. Regardless of the reason, the decision is often associated with fear of the future, sadness and guilt for one or both parents. 

It is important to know that even though a separation is often tough for both children and adults, it often gets better for most people some time later. Research shows that the worst thing for children is to live with parents who are constantly fighting. In other words, it is better for a child that the parents stop fighting and separate than to “stick together” and continue fighting.

So what affects the children most during and after the separation? Well, how we adults handle the separation and how we treat each other during and after the separation. It is natural and human not to be “your best self” when the storm is at its worst and you may feel lost and let down. But when the storm has subsided and life goes on, it’s what we do then that has the greatest effect on most children.  

Here we have collected articles for you who are facing a separation or who may be in one right now. We hope they can provide support and structure: